It's alright. Though I admit what you say saddens me. It reminds me so much of something Eichi would say. None can doubt you are a Yumenosaki Academy student. No desire to improve, but, you'll fight eachother and struggle to find an optimal solution. You repeat this several times, hoping it'll make you a better person. It's the innate desire of all living creatures. But it makes me sad. Because stagnation equals death. And if killing eachother is the duty of living creatures, well then, I want deliverance from that. What I desire most is a world free from conflict. When I look at the living, what I see are God's failed creations. To live is torture. Life is divine punishment. Life is the original sin that cannot be forgiven. Is it wrong to long to be free? Do you blame me for wanting to be relesed from that trap? You will not get in my way. If you try to keep me imprisoned here, you will certainly fail and I will take you down with me instead. All of you.

(this is a real quote btw)



Name: Nagisa Ran 乱 凪砂
Age: 18/19
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Date of birth: October 27
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Likes: Interesting things
Dislikes: Himself
Favourite food: Chocolate
Hobby: Relations with people
Specialty: Can do anything
Image colour: #A73736

I like him :)

Another one for the Weird White-Haired Guy collection........ except he is actually my OG before Asuka and Cassius

I actually knew about Enstars for a long time before Eden debuted, but I didn't have any REAL favourites before. Then once Eden dropped... love at first sight, and I actually started playing the game for realsies and buying Enstars merch lmao

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