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I'm so cooool!!! Bats I bite Yes I sleep in a coffin, doesn't everyone? I am immortal Satanist Damned Mother Fucker ALPHA BITCH Hell had no space so I came back GOD NERFED ME I am one sexy bitch Simply irresistible! I want to believe The cat lets me live here I love my PC I LOVE CSS! I think in HTML In dog years I'm dead Don't like it? CLICK THE X! Shhhh.... dumbass at work Neopets junkie Y'know like... nya? Only the paranoid survive I live in another dimension no speel cjeck needed LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD Yeehaw!!
Just hanging around :)

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Neopets Leave Twitter, join Mastodon! Neocities web design is my passion Homepages now! HTML, learn it today! HTML now! Linux now! Powered by Manjaro Get Firefox, n00bs! Get free 7-zip Best viewed with EYES Powered by T H E V O I D JS-free page 100% cookie free Campaign against frames! Stop Microsoft! Internet privacy now! Piracy NOW! Emulate now! Catscape 2.0 Meow! Nekoscape 98 Nyan! FREE Net Vampire Vampire NOW! It's okay to give your bros some LOVE :) Anime is gay as hell but I approve! You were diagnosed with GAY Go 2 Hell NOW! The truth now! The truth is out there, I just forgot the URL... Geocities Silicon Valley I am Canadian I love Half-Life Send it to a friend! Parental Advisory: Explicit Content 100k HOT PICS Your Ad Here 88x31 Button FREE STUFF CENTER

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I’m glad that people still make these lmao

Discover Your Sins Cattell 16 Factor Test (similar to 16pf) What color are you? What color is your rainbow? What Kind Of Frog Are YOU? What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?

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