Guilty Gear spoilers ahead fellas.................

asuka r kreutz my beloved

This is my page dedicated to Asuka R. Kreutz aka That Man from Guilty Gear!

He is my current fav character and my big fixation rn,, I love him SO MUCH I don't even know what to write. I just wanna eat him

This man alone has made me get back into fic writing as well as art (mayhaps I'll share when I feel more confident)... I owe him my life


Asuka: Still, I'm delighted. Just as I thought, you're only thinking of me. Asuka: I thought that if he hated me... Frederick and I could keep our connection.

I mainly ship him with Frederick but honestly I'll take anyone. Raven, Anji, Chaos, some random guy in an alleyway? Sure!! I've written for all of these before lmao

Idk what even to put here I'm just. A

fics I like

There aren't a TON of Asuka fics around but these are some of my fav ones

+ Starman by Broken_Clover: a personal fav of mine! This one is just about Asuka living in isolation post-GGST
+ Elysium by Broken_Clover: honestly I love everything OP writes about Asuka, her characterisation is like tapping directly into my brain
+ Appraisal by Emerian: GEARPRO OT3!! This one is just cute... Frederick has two hands for both Aria and Asuka 🤍
+ Are You Kidding?: [NSFW WARNING] This one is orphaned so idk who wrote it but this is a Ravsuka fic that just makes me uuuuuuuUUUUUUUUOOOOOooooogggggHHHh I love it so much. OP wherever you are now: I love you
+ Annihilation by nymeriastarks: [GORE WARNING] Another Ravsuka one that I love :D This is just horny guro but unga

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